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Black Horse Claims & Refunds

If you believe you've been a victim of mis-selling in a car finance loan from Black Horse Finance, we're here to assist you in filing a complaint and pursuing the refund that you rightfully deserve.

In the wake of a recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigation revealing widespread mis-selling practices in car finance, one car dealer openly admitted, 'frankly, we were getting away with murder. We weren't treating customers fairly and were, in effect, charging them to earn us money.' The subprime market, in particular, witnessed lenders approving loans that were deemed unaffordable.

Black Horse Car Finance, a UK-based financial services company and subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group, has come under scrutiny in this context. Specializing in car loans and financing solutions, they offer various products, including hire purchase agreements and personal contract purchase (PCP) plans for both new and used cars. Despite their association with numerous dealerships and partners across the UK, The Financial Ombudsman's latest figures show that 26% of complaints against Black Horse Ltd were upheld.

If you believe you've experienced a mis-sold or unaffordable loan from Black Horse, we're here to help you seek compensation. Initiate your claim today to take the first step toward the redress you deserve!

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