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Lending Stream Claims & Refunds

If you've faced challenges repaying a Lending Stream loan, you might qualify to seek a refund. Our most substantial Lending Stream refund to date has reached £10,000. Discover how much you may be owed and start your claim today!

Lending Stream, a high-cost payday lender, offers short-term loans of up to £1,500 with an APR that can soar as high as 1,333%, making it one of the largest remaining payday lenders.


In 2018, Lending Stream faced criticism for a TV advert that did not clearly state their APR rate, resulting in a breach of ad rules and accusations of misleading advertising by the ASA. This oversight could be a basis for requesting a refund from Lending Stream.


Additionally, the lender has been faulted for making their complaints procedure less accessible by eliminating the option for customers to submit complaints via email. If you believe you have a claim, submit a Lending Stream Refund request today.


The Financial Ombudsman's latest figures show that 38% of complaints against Lending Stream's owner, Gain Credit LLC, were upheld. Gain Credit LLC accrues millions each year in their accounts to cover the costs of customer redress.


As one of the oldest and largest payday lenders still in operation, there may be thousands of past customers owed a refund due to unaffordable loans. If you suspect you've had a mis-sold or unaffordable loan, we can help you seek compensation. Act swiftly, as statutory deadlines, known as limitation periods, apply to mis-selling claims. Initiate your claim today for professional guidance through the process.

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