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Loans At Home Claims & Refunds

If you suspect that you were subject to a mis-sold loan, you may have grounds to claim a refund for irresponsible lending against Loans At Home. Find out how much you may be owed and start your claim today!

As one of the largest UK doorstep loan providers, Loans At Home offers small cash loans of up to £600 delivered directly to your doorstep. Doorstep loans, or home credit loans, are utilized by 1.3 million people in Britain, involving a collector who comes to your house to collect repayments.


Recently, doorstep loans, like Guarantor loans, have faced increased scrutiny. The Financial Conduct Authority directed Provident, another doorstep loan provider, to pay 'almost £169m in compensation to customers' for mis-selling a specific loan product. Complaints about doorstep loans also include instances where individuals were sold a home credit loan by an agent when they couldn't afford it, rendering the loan unaffordable if repayments cannot be made without resorting to further borrowing.


The Financial Ombudsman's latest figures indicate that 84% of complaints against Loans At Home's owner, S.D. Taylor Limited, were upheld. On March 15, 2022, it was announced that Loans At Home's owner, S.D. Taylor Limited, entered administration.

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