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Overdraft Claims & Refunds

If you were provided with an overdraft that stretched beyond your financial means, or if you find yourself facing financial hardship, you may be eligible to reclaim the interest and fees that were imposed upon you.

In the UK, millions of individuals have access to overdraft facilities, yet many fail to assess whether an overdraft aligns with their needs or question the lender's responsibility in providing it.


Overdrafts are intended for short-term credit use, with lenders expected to ensure borrowers can repay within a reasonable timeframe while managing other living costs and loan commitments. However, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that numerous consumers use arranged overdrafts regularly for extended periods, resulting in prolonged charges.


If it's evident that an overdraft is consistently utilized over an extended duration, a lender should not persist in charging for the facility or expanding the limit. If you believe you were granted an overdraft or any other loan when you couldn't afford it, we may assist you in reclaiming the funds.


Take prompt action, considering statutory deadlines (limitation periods) governing mis-selling claims. Initiate your claim today, and let our professionals guide you through the process.

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