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RewardRate Claims & Refunds

If you find that your loan from RewardRate Loans was not financially manageable, you might qualify to seek a refund due to irresponsible lending practices. Our team is ready to assist you throughout the process and provide the support you need.

RewardRate, a new loan product from Amigo Loans, has emerged in the aftermath of the mis-selling scandal involving Amigo Loans. This scandal revolved around the approval of numerous unaffordable loans over an extended period. To address this, substantial amounts have been reclaimed by former customers, leading Amigo to fulfill only a fraction of its owed amounts through a scheme of arrangement.


RewardRate provides personal loans at a 49.9% APR without requiring a guarantor. Alternatively, guarantor loans are offered at a 39.9% APR, compared to Amigo Loans' previous 49.9% for such loans. Customers from both categories may see their rates reduced to 34.9% APR for timely payments. Despite these adjustments, it remains a high-cost loan option, potentially resulting in substantial interest payments on relatively modest loan amounts.


If you suspect that you have experienced a mis-sold or unaffordable loan from RewardRate Loans, take the first step and initiate your claim today!

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