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Trust Two Claims & Refunds

If you believe you were mis-sold a loan, you can make a claim for a refund for irresponsible lending against Trust Two. Find Out how much you may be owed!

In the past, TrustTwo, a provider of guarantor loans, extended loan offers ranging from £500 to £10,000, featuring an APR of 49.5% with repayment terms extending up to 5 years.


Similar to all lending institutions, TrustTwo is expected to conduct thorough checks prior to loan approval. If you encountered difficulties repaying the loan, you might qualify for a loan refund.


Recent revelations of unfair practices identified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have led to significant fines for numerous leading lenders. If TrustTwo neglected to perform the necessary checks and engage in responsible lending, you may be eligible for a refund, even if you've already settled the loan.


In their latest reports, The Financial Ombudsman upheld 48% of complaints against Everyday Lending Limited, the entity that oversees Everyday Loans and TrustTwo.

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